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i used to be already 2cm dilated and she might see my water bag. was immediately administered progesterone orally and via jab and admitted to tmc. was den advised by my gynae to trf to KKH as class C becos if my child was to make it to 24w, it will want nicu and it’s $2k/day in tmc. so after 2 nites in tmc i trfed to KKH which was a complete mistake. Nonetheless after I paid the bill upon discharge, I requested the hospital to submit a declare for me directly to my insurer.

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I am seeing a gynae who is skilled in excessive threat pregnancy. He has a non-public clinic at Mt E novena as well as seeing patients at NUH recurrent pregnancy loss unit. if diagnose with CI yes do a cerclerge to carry the foetus in your womb at 12 weeks of pregnancy and mattress rest is completely needed! If possible, go for mattress relaxation in hospital the place nurse might help you remove your bodily waste. Right now, i m living in worry everyday.

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I m scare that i will miscarriage once more. So i hand over my work, having mattress relaxation every day at residence.

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Usually a preventive or elective cerclage shall be carried out by 13 weeks. Or maybe your doc wants to see if you really want it? By the time we found the cervix has shortened so much, it’s too late to a cerclage. Miscarriage can be fairly high if there’s infection after doing the cerclage. It’s my last chance to have a shot at this pregnancy so I simply listened to my gynae’s advice. He was very nice to ask his colleague to sent over the sample supportive gadget as a result of it is not available in sg.

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I spent $7k on it with one night stay and all I got was an an infection and a loss again. That frustration and disappointment is terrible. Please maintain us up to date so we all know there’s hope on this journey. I had a Leep procedure accomplished before doing IUI.

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Cervical length started with 3cm & then shortened to 1.9cm. Instead my gynae requested his colleague in US for a supportive silicon system to shut my cervix.

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hi only_you, sure however the preventative cerclage must be accomplished within weeks 12 or 14. But it comes with dangers so not everybody will want or swimsuit this. Docs right here will put it for you only when you have had previous second-trimester losses. You may wish to consult your doc and get her or him to measure your cervix with the vaginal ultrasound wand. It’s not one hundred% correct but when the doc is expert, it can help to measure the cervix length. But it can’t inform if there’s early dilation which is one other concern. Ladies, i had a leep cone performed in 2012 n was advised that it’ll not affect future pregnancies.

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They didn’t give me any purpose why i miscarriaged. After alot of learn up, i concluded that its was IC. Nw that i m pregnant once more, i insisted to do a cerclage which was carried out final week at TMC. Previously, my doc in TMC also suggest me to go SGH as a result of he defined that the fee involved is really very excessive. He is attempting to take care of my pocket as nicely.


Do purchase insurance coverage, if potential, to cowl up till pte hospital. Incase u r not conscious, cerclage surgical procedure can be reimbursed fr insurance absolutely. Mine was done at mt e and absolutely paid by insurer.

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The adjuster from my insurance just referred to as me right now saying HE IS UNINSURED. I was not injured. I had a headache, some neck ache and bodyache. I at all times get a Pap smear test carried out once a year. I’ve at all times had abnormal results and would do biopsy after then I’m good. Last year I was told I have to do LEEP. My medical insurance coverage has high deductible so I had to pay out of pocket for this surgical procedure.

If we r not rich enough, we cannot afford staying in private hospital as a result of the case can dragged very lengthy. We wont know that we’ve IC unless a miscarriage occurred. When i used to be in SGH, the doc there also keep telling me that only bb after 24 weeks can have likelihood of surviving. Anything less than 24 weeks, its really onerous. After i give start, my bb was still have coronary heart beat. But i can solely see them taking her away. I blamed myself for being so helpless.

  • Docs right here will put it for you solely when you have had earlier second-trimester losses.
  • Right now, i m dwelling in fear everyday.
  • That frustration and disappointment is horrible.
  • The adjuster from my insurance coverage simply referred to as me at present saying HE IS UNINSURED. I was not injured.
  • I decided to change to a pte gynae at mt e novena n she reckoned that a cerclage must be carried out with out further delay.
  • If attainable, go for mattress rest in hospital where nurse may help you take away your bodily waste.

3 weeks later, I was reimbursed totally by my insurer for the whole cerclage procedure. on insurance coverage, mine is juz a traditional medisave hospitalisation plan which i topped up with rider in cash. it covers me totally for hospitalisation n treatment up till pte hosp A ward. i wasnt expecting to be reimbursed with the cerclage process as i too tot is an antenatal procedure n would likely be excluded.

nonetheless i requested mt e to ship within the declare on my behalf. surprisingly, three weeks later i used to be reimbursed totally by my insurer for my keep n cerclage process.

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As a result I marvel if the gynaes here do cerclage typically and if they’re expert enough. Thanks for the insurance tip but they have a tendency to relate the surgical procedure to being pregnant and it’s not claimable?

I hope that i can survive to at least 28weeks. Becausey doc said only after week 28, then the bb likelihood of surviving is high. But the bb will still have to remain in icu with tubes throughout. But i’m also not so wealthy to stay in hospital for months. I miscarriaged at 20weeks, not understanding whats incorrect with me throughout my 1st being pregnant. Nw i m pregnant with 2nd bb, so i decided to do a cerclage. I wish to be sure that this being pregnant is easy n successful.

May i know if there may be something i shld avoid after the cerclage? Actually, i m quite worried that i’d lost this bb once more. there may be an incompetent cervix consciousness group on fb which i joined. most of them resides within the states n their treatment course of for ic may differ barely fr sgp. but thr is alot of sharing, discussion n support among the many ladies. there may be also alot of success tales posted by women with ic. u will tend to c alot of new child photos posted by mummies day by day who beated ic.

However, last yr i misplaced my daughter at 13 weeks and was diagnoised as having an incompetent cervix. However, kkh could not schedule me with early prenatal exams and until wk thirteen my cerclage was nonetheless not done. I decided to switch to a pte gynae at mt e novena n she reckoned that a cerclage must be carried out with out additional delay. I just had my second loss at 14 weeks from suspected incompetent cervix.

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