Epoccam Green Screen

Epoccam Green Screen

Loom allows me to easily capture what is on my screen and house them on my personal page for easy sharing. Then you just have to keep at it and ensure content are out on a regular basis. Just like the meal that never happened because you didn’t put it up on Instagram, staying hidden professionally can mean the same thing. As easy-to-produce content becomes saturated, you need to use other means and ways to standout from the crowd. With video conferencing becoming a norm, whatever market you are in is going to become more crowded. Without the ability to stand out via traditional means, the only way to do so is to be more outstanding amongst your peers.

S$10 Epoccam Gives Another Life To My Aged Iphone 5s

If the video image is not at the right way up, select your source and use Transform to rotate/flip as necessary. Installation of the apps are pretty straightforward, I assume you should be able to do that on your own. I’ll say first that I really like what the S$10 solution is giving me.

Deliver An Exciting Presentation That Keeps Your Audience Awake At 2am

I didn’t stay up to catch the Apple WWDC, but it’s the first thing I checked out when I woke up today. One of the new features which has got all my thumbs up is the ability for your devices to automatically download purchased content. Coupled with my Singtel Fibre Broadband, I can get very good frame rates when viewing from outside the home, connected via the internet.

How To Start Streaming Games On A Budget

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With the script and set done, it’s time to figure out how to transmit the intended learning content. The goal here was to make sure that the learning experience could be effectively and pleasantly delivered, instead of being hindered by solvable technical issues. That being said, nothing beats a good old-fashioned XLR microphone when it comes to audio qualityifyou have the budget. To use an XLR, you’ll also need an audio interface, mic stand, mixer , and cables. If your finances are tight, you could get by with the Zalman ZM Mic 1 (or any other lapel pin mic for less than $20).


To ensure that my face was properly lit, I used a Neewer Bi-Colour 660 LED Light with a softbox to diffuse the light so that it wouldn’t be too harsh. To create a visual separation between myself and the black background, I pointed a second Neewer LED Light at the background. In this Part 3, I share HOW I wear the other hats of set, audio-visual, usher, and cast (very important!) to bring my presentation to life. A proper set of studio lights starts from around $100 online. Having multiple light sources is key to avoid casting shadows and such sets usually come with soft boxes to diffuse the light, making it softer and more flattering for your skin.

  • Just like the meal that never happened because you didn’t put it up on Instagram, staying hidden professionally can mean the same thing.
  • I really appreciate that these are no in-app purchases, and they fully support sharing the paid app via Family Sharing.
  • Install the app on the smart phone, and the driver on the computer.
  • If you like it, you can then buy the Pro version from the app store.
  • Showing where to make a tweak to a PowerPoint is easier than writing it out.
  • If yes, your “send” button will turn blue, and the text box will have a faint “iMessage” word, otherwise it will have a faint “text message”, and the “send” button will be green.

If you want a proper mic but can’t afford the rest of the hardware, you can grab an XLR to USB cable and downloadVoicemeeter Banana, a free virtual audio mixer. If you’re looking for something less overwhelming, tryStreamlabs OBS. It’s a more attractive variant of OBS that emphasizes ease-of-use, a cleaner UI, and special streaming features (built-in chat, pre-designed themes, facemasks, and more). Compared to OBS, SLOBS should be easier for newbies to set up, but lacks the level of customisation OBS has.

Wireless Webcam

Choose which project you want to help, hook it up to your local Wi-Fi, and let the built-in CPU finally do some work again. Get sponsored for a life-changing Power Query, Power Pivot, or Power BI data visualisation training course. It was surreal to be presenting to 300+ folks round the world from my bedroom and have no immediate feedback during the entire 45-minute session. Doing my post-mortem now, it’s been a lot harder to tell which elements and segments of the presentation worked well as compared to the usual in-person sessions. If you’re reading up to this point and thinking “Gosh, Grace is maniacal with her preparations.

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If it connects to Wi-Fi, it can still be a handy addition to the household. Here are a few cool things you can do with your old smartphone. Most of us can probably use the same phone for years, but the upgrade cycle means it’s always tempting to splurge on a shinier model. You can save a few bucks by trading your old phone in when you buy a new one, but there are times you end up with an extra, aging smartphone hanging around. Once eye contact is established with my virtual audience, here’s where other tactical approaches can help to channel energy. Knowing that I would be most nervous at the start, and that there was a possibility of me blanking out, I spent disproportionately more time rehearsing the opening few slides.

Zoom was adopted by Nutanix before the pandemic, and became the de facto by the time we went into a global WFH mode. Although we still have access to other tools like Webex, but that’s another discussion altogether. Many of us who can simply work at a desk, with a computer that has internet access can essentially work from home. One of the very highly utilised tools is the remote collaboration & conferencing solutions. PhantomBuster – A recent discovery, PhantomBuster is like the Robotic Process Automation for individuals.

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LED panels and ring lights are yet another alternative; the soft light produced by these sources flatter your face, and many of them feature adjustable intensities. You can usea tabletas a light or make your own softbox out of acereal box. You can even use your existing desk lamps if they’re bright enough — just tape some paper in front of them to help diffuse the light.

Security Camera

So many months ago, I purchased a pair of Foscam FI8918W cameras. Primary usage is to be able to check out what’s going on at home while we are out. After using it for several months now, I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a “remote eyes and ears”. Phone to Computer connects over WIFI or USB Here’s the first gotcha on Mac OS X, the security in the OS blocks the use of virtual cams. The Kinoni website has the workaround documented in their FAQ, under the Troubleshooting section.

And ensure that you don’t overload your system by closing off unnecessary programs. Which is why I sometimes put up a background of a bookshelves just to make me look more intellectual. I am in the midst of reading a book called ‘I will judge you by your bookshelves’. It is a tongue-in-cheek comic on the topic but I really cannot help myself from judging others based on their background.

With OBS there are also other cool things that can be done, it’s a post for another day. As I prefer to look at my larger screens, the solution to improving the experience is to leverage an external webcam. There are may choices in the market nowadays, and a popular cam like the Logitech Brio can go way beyond S$300. Till the day I need to do live streams at 4K resolutions, I’m fine to try something cheaper.

I figured it’ll be more comfortable for my ears to use a speaker than earphones or headphones. Hence, I connected my Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro speakers to my laptop. While it had the option of connecting via Bluetooth, I went with the 35mm audio cable to avoid any Bluetooth connection issues. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about having everything perfect, it’s part of the journey to improve your equipment alongside your gaming and streaming skills. Depending on your room and setup, you may need a green screen. The magic of chroma keying is a simple way to ensure viewers won’t get distracted by clutter and piles ofstuffbehind you while you’re on camera.

Reincubate Camo Studio review: Turn your iPhone into the webcam of your dreams – iMore

Reincubate Camo Studio review: Turn your iPhone into the webcam of your dreams.

Posted: Mon, 30 Aug 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Jokes in the IT sector is that the novel coronavirus is the leading agent for digital transformation and not the CxOs. The pandemic has spurred the world to change the way many things operate, especially desk bound job roles.

Instead of buying a new one, though, you can use your phone. Each service has its own mobile app; download it on your old device, link your account, and use your phone as a remote. Pixl Toys sells thePixlplay Camera, which houses a phone inside a protective case that resembles a classic camera. Together with the companion app, your child can take and edit photos right on the device.

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Then, go to the computer you want to copy the music to, open the browser and point it to the IP address of the iPhone . You’ll be presented with a nice web page that allows you to easily download the songs. No, this is not simply to join a Zoom call on your smart phone and use the camera there, but to tether your smart phone to your laptop, and use the camera on the phone. Either as a replacement to the built in cam on the laptop, or as an additional camera. If your webcam sucks and you don’t wish to invest in one, you can download NDI-camera and turn your smartphone camera into your webcam.

How To Level Up Your Zoom Game

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