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Based on availability, Gen infuses the cream cheese custard filling with blue cheeses like Stilton or gorgonzola. Our batch was made out of a blue cheese from Germany whose rank was more reminiscent of a wet rag as opposed to the pleasant pungency of say, a Roquefort or Stilton. Those with arachibutyrophobia (the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth; it’s a thing, y’all) fret not. The peanut butter is worked in to the pastry cream so you get all of the flavour of good peanut butter in the lush lightness of the custard filling. The homemade rose-infused strawberry jam makes a nice, not-to-sweet accompaniment to the mellow peanut butter custard.

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Thus, the subtitles can be found to allow the viewers to choose their preferred language. A Digital TV receiver does not support decoding 2 or even more subtitles streams and display them concurrently. If your TV is digital-ready, you will need an inside UHF antenna only. First, check if your TV is connected to Singtel StarHub or TV TV. If so, you’re already watching Digital TV , nor have to switch.

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For directional antenna, position the antenna facing the correct window opening, away from an area where the signal may be blocked. You may talk to a qualified antenna contractor to enable reception via your existing rooftop antenna and distribute the Digital TV signals to your tenants. Singapore TV has gone fully digital, and all free-to-air transmissions are now broadcast in DVB-T2 Television standard.

Through new scholarship and apprenticeship programmes, and also collaborations with schools, we want to discover young talent and groom them in media and content production early. This includes a programme to develop young producers to generate content targeted at youths. We cannot match the budgets of Hollywood productions or Korean dramas, so we must compete by engaging our viewers through quality local content differently.

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The 22-year-old whose name is Genevieve Lee debuted Sourbombe on 1 August, an online store peddling sourdough bomboloni, with business partner CR Tan. The name is really a combination of “sourdough” and “bomboloni”, just in case you didn’t obtain it. All Xbox Game Studio titles include Smart Delivery so you get the best version of the game no matter which console you play on. Partner games which have chosen to include Smart Delivery can make note of the feature on the digital game page or on the box the disc will come in.

Through PSB, we have supported media companies to produce local programmes that entertain and engage Singaporeans. These moves aim to encourage a better work relationship between media freelancers and companies, and I share Mr Ganesh Rajaram’s hope that freelancers will proactively leverage on the available initiatives for them. I also urge freelancers to spotlight their career development and prepare for retirement adequacy, including contributing regularly to their Medisave and CPF accounts. First, our media workforce must deepen core skills to stay competitive.

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HBO Asia’s latest original comedy series ‘Sent’ may be the first series in which a local media company, Very Tay, has worked hand in hand with HBO Asia through the entire process of development, writing and production. I was very encouraged by it, as it has provided opportunities for the companies to work with a global company and produce a series that can be enjoyed in Singapore and supported by Singaporeans. Ms Fu said that channels were designed for the public then, including students and overseas Singaporeans, to go through full parliamentary proceedings online. You are using an active antenna but didn’t switch on the antenna power. Remember to connect the USB power inserter or AC adapter to an electrical source (for digital-ready TVs), or activate the antenna power in the set-top box settings menu (for not digital-ready TVs). In this full case, you will need to connect both a set-top box and an active indoor antenna to your TV.

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This, Dr Khoo said, has been the tone of proceedings in Singapore’s Parliament, but was not how other parliaments conduct their business always. Make family time all the more special with one of these basic ideas and activities. Every around 30 minutes till midnight, all day the station broadcasts a news segment to keep you updated. This station broadcasts news and information programs from 6 am to midnight and music from midnight to 6 am. 938 Live FM is really a News format radio station broadcasting from Singapore. You will have to playback the shows utilizing the same set-top box or IDTV that you have used for recording.

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  • In Parliament on, may 5, Mr Leon Perera, a Non-Constituency Person in Parliament from the Workers’ Party , and Nominated MP Anthea Ong had needed a live blast of parliamentary sessions.
  • Going Digital will allow the federal government to release frequency spectrum that may be used for higher quality and faster mobile services that ultimately benefit consumers.
  • Through listening to citizens and explaining the federal government policies, MCI means that Singaporeans are heard, engaged and connected as citizens of Singapore.
  • Starting from this year, Mediacorp shall enhance its collaboration with industry players by increasing the number of outsourcing.
  • These programmes communicate useful information to seniors through an entertaining format and with a language that they are familiar with.
  • Mr Yeo said that even though Section 377A is repealed, mindsets concerning the LGBTQ community, such as for example how it really is here to “tear apart the fabric of society”, must change also.

However, though most of the fillings are flavoured delicately, we wish a number of them were less sweet. Gen and CR hope to open takeaway kiosks across venture and Singapore overseas in future. But also for now, they’re saving up for a central kitchen to mass-produce their bomboloni. The custard is infused with oolong tea and mixed with whipped cream flavoured with matcha from Kyoto. The resulting flavour is of a mildly sweet floral green tea extract cream and generously stuffed into each sturdy bomboloni with a dab of Japanese adzuki bean paste.

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From 2015 to 2016, SPH achieved a 2.8% upsurge in its average daily circulation for both print and digital editions combined. This total result is commendable, especially in a challenging period when many overseas newspapers are seeing declining readership. Mr Darryl David asked how the local media industry has benefitted from increased government support for PSB. Madam, I am going to next touch on what we are producing quality local content for Singaporeans through PSB programmes. First, IMDA and NTUC are creating a tripartite standard by this season for the procurement of services from media freelancers.

Switching to Digital TV is essential because the world is moving away from Analogue to Digital broadcasting. Going Digital will allow the federal government to free up frequency spectrum that may be used for top quality and faster mobile services that ultimately benefit consumers. Meet the people in Singapore who found a creative spark in the darkness of the pandemic to get quirky, ingenious answers to the problems we all faced. Extremely well-made, sophisticated doughnuts with a unique texture that’s both substantial and chewy, yet somewhat fluffy rather than greasy.

Hojicha fans shall love the deep roasted flavour of the milky tea-infused custard. Its inherent savouriness is pepped up by plenty of sweet caramel crunchy pearls. Eating this is almost like drinking a hojicha latte while munching on a doughnut. True to Gen’s word, the lavender in this bomboloni is but a barest whisper and provides the lime-mascarpone filling a nice contrast of flavours. The pastry cream, another name for custard, folded through with rich mascarpone cheese, is fresh and zippy with the surfeit of lime juice and zest that’s worked involved with it. This is an improvement from when our colleague had it a couple of weeks ago and the flavours were mainly sugary without any zing.

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Please seek the advice of your condominium’s management office to confirm the capability of the prevailing antenna system. I also encourage all industry players to tap on the PSB Contestable Funds Scheme to create quality PSB content. Year The scheme is in its fifth, and our partnership with platforms like Starhub has produced good programmes such as ‘Echoes of Time’, a historical drama series by Ochre Pictures. It received a nomination for Best Production Design and Art Direction at the 2016 New York Festivals.

This includes media companies which receive government funding, along with production houses who work with Mediacorp on Public Service PSB or Broadcasting programmes. Starting from this year, Mediacorp shall enhance its collaboration with industry players by increasing the number of outsourcing. It will explore more co-production opportunities – a spot mentioned by Mr Ganesh Rajaram. It is a win-win arrangement to bring quality local content to your viewers.

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It will spend money on further improving Toggle as its online platform, so we are able to watch our favourite local programmes anytime, anywhere, and on any device – from cellular phone to large-screen HDTV. We will begin by requiring media companies to adopt the abovementioned good industry practices if they want to qualify for government grants and PSB funding. IMDA will take action against companies that wrongfully delay or withhold payment to their freelancers and staff. We will monitor the potency of these measures, and can consider introducing new measures if necessary, to ensure media sector employees and freelancers are treated fairly. Second, we shall enhance the media industry’s attractiveness by developing a skills framework for media professionals.

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In addition, the general public has usage of the full written record of Parliamentary proceedings via the web Hansard. Predicated on then MDA’s 2015 Media Consumer Experience Study, the newspapers ranking has improved from sixth invest 2014 to first place in 2015. About 78.9% of respondents in 2015 were content with the newspapers’ content quality – up from 74.8% in 2014. This is an encouraging sign that folks find newspaper content in Singapore satisfactory, and the rankings have improved.

Retail reimagined: Riding the wave of innovation – CNA

Retail reimagined: Riding the wave of innovation.

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I trust Mr Zaqy Mohamad and Mr Darryl David that PSB is important for the national development, and it must stay relevant in the digital age. Hence, our third focus would be to provide better support for media freelancers, good Ministry of Manpower’s broader efforts to encourage fair and progressive workplaces. One useful initiative is Mediapreneur, an incubation programme by Mediacorp that supports media startups through seed funding, mentoring, networking and marketing opportunities through Mediacorp’s platforms. A number of these startups are partnering sections in ufc fight night singapore live stream Mediacorp to develop interesting concepts already. IMDA supports this initiative and the Accreditation@IMDA to complement Mediapreneur’s efforts, by giving tailored assistance to these startups in areas such as product testing and financial modelling.

These channels are collectively still the most popular destination for Singaporeans in terms of media consumption. Good content developed for Toggle can be re-telecast on FTA TV, so that TV audiences can enjoy them. These are a few examples of the many industry development initiatives by IMDA to greatly help our local filmmakers create compelling stories, and bring their films overseas to an even wider audience. Our local production houses have also been working with international broadcasters such as Discovery, National Geographic and HBO Asia, to produce original content for broadcast across Asia.

If you work with a digital set-top IDTV or box, your equipment might have built-in digital recording functions, known as PVR commonly . You can check with retail staff or refer to your equipment user manual to learn more. First, ensure that your digital-ready TV or digital set-top box is connected to an antenna. Tuning might take a few minutes and the right time needed varies with each digital-ready TV and digital set-top box.

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