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in life groups are given priority to book a seat at the physical service, said Senior Pastor Benjamin Chew. However, members of these youth service are allocated tickets on a rotation basis according ipl 2020 streaming in singapore to the zone their cell group is in. With this particular arrangement, each can come to physical church at least once a month, said Ps Lim.

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“I was very moved, on the way to church even. We’ve been likely to church for 30 years, and it’s really very much part of our life,” she says. “Of course, there is a tinge of sadness because the auditorium was so empty.” Teacher Lee Chin Sin, 50, has been setting an alarm every Friday at noon to ensure she gets seats for Cornerstone’s on-site service. Cornerstone Community Church has resumed on-site gatherings in groups of 50, with a remote worship team joining in via Zoom. We are a community of teenagers in the Youth Ministry of Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore.

Pastor Peh Han desires to see people encounter the power of the Holy Spirit, become overcomers and fulfill their God-given destinies. Maureen came into the full-time ministry with Cornerstone in 2007. A former primary school teacher for nearly a decade when God called her out of her profession, into Tung Ling Bible College’s School of Leadership in 2006. She’s served as secretary to Ps Daphne Yang, along with many other ministries since she joined Cornerstone Community Church.

National Council Of Places Of Worship Of Singapore Statement On A Radicalised Singaporean Christian Select Right Here

She believes in laying a solid foundation of the term of God in the lives of the children which is their plumbline. Pastor Kevin joined the full-time ministry in 2012, carrying out a successful career because the Head of Information Technology in a multinational company. His passion would be to see believers living purposefully and powerfully, being salt & light available on the market especially.

My daughter’s comments – “It took so long and was expensive to build up 12 pictures” – provided me a great teachable moment. Since I was a believer, I was taught to desire to leadership. I learned that there’s a price to pay, but the reward and fulfilment will be well worth the price.

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Within its church, CSCC in addition has had to implement precautionary measures. Senior Pastor Kenny Chee of the planet Revival Prayer Fellowship, who has blogged about how churches are transforming, says most churches will keep a stronger presence than that they had before online.

In it, he needed the church to “get herself into battle-footing, and become battle-ready.” In the coming weeks, pastors of churches in the LoveSingapore network will be urging their flocks to speak up – both online and offline – against any repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code. At City Harvest, a megachurch of 16,000, children aged three to 12 join Zoom services. Those who submit correct answers to Bible quizzes get prizes in the mail. Excited, Ps Ng said that the web service is a feature that is here to remain, for individuals who are overseas or for those who may not be comfortable to come back to physical church. Pastors and cell group leaders that are tuning in online sometimes carry out the offering, prayer or Scripture reading sections so that it “feels like it’s one service instead of two”, he added.

Pastor Deborah oversees the Altar & Healing Ministries and the Follow-up Department of Cornerstone. She is also the Cluster Pastor for the Young Adults arm of the church, and contains a need to see them grow into disciples of Christ, with a passionate love and zeal for god, the father. A financial analyst by training, Pastor Deborah joined the full-time ministry in 1999. The military was joined by him after senior high school and served as an officer in the 1 Parachute Battalion. [newline]A parachute accident brought him to encounter god, the father and turned the span of his life around.

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I pray god, the father gives you wisdom and insight to break down relational walls together with your loved ones this Christmas and new year. While these tips may not guarantee an immediate change, as we choose courage and connection continually, push through the awkwardness, shame and fear, relational conflicts will lose its grip on our families. Will there be something your loved ones members are doing that you can champion? Have we sometimes paraded our successes before those who are hurting and broken?

At the physical service, attendance is alternated between adults and families, and youth and adults. Worship services aside, he added that attendance for Christian education classes have “really skyrocketed” since they went online on Zoom, with twice as many people attending than before. Prior to Covid-19, Cornerstone Community Church had 5,weekend services across four different venues 000 people at its, said Executive Pastor Lim Lip Yong. Flooring instead of carpeting that is unusual in a resort but I’m positive certainly are a lot simpler to scrub and maintain.

Ps Timothy graduated from Tung Ling Bible School’s “School of Leadership”. To facilitate a less strenuous pick-up arrangement of your child after service, families with children attending CSCC Kidz are encouraged to book tickets in Zone D. The fastest solution to get in touch with us for pastoral assistance is through our pastoral care form. Our pastoral team will undoubtedly be touching you at the soonest possible. If you’d like Prayer for Healing, drop us a note and our healing team will get in touch with you too.

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Cornerstone church tightens protocols on inviting speakers after contentious remarks by guest preacher Lou Engle – The Straits Times

Cornerstone church tightens protocols on inviting speakers after contentious remarks by guest preacher Lou Engle.

Posted: Sun, 08 Jul 2018 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It also has an impact on those people who are humanists and free-thinkers whose “community and beliefs are supportive of these relationships”. Night Last, the Humanist Society, several 250 free- thinkers about, released an open letter to Mr Shanmugam calling for the repeal of S377A. Its president, Mr Mark Kwan, said the right is recognised by the society to object to homosexuality based on personal religious beliefs. On Monday, he changed the title of his message to Times And Seasons and removed references to FCBC and the gay community. Dr Fatris added that “we should work together as a united nation and a cohesive society, which is already part and parcel of the principles of faith that every community hold on to”. Talking with members of the media, Dr Fatris said he appreciated that the church has “taken full responsibility of the incident”.


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online petition supporting Section 377A, started on Jan 11, has garnered a lot more than 7,000 signatures. Both Mr Khong and Mr Yang’s online statements have since gone viral, attracting a huge selection of Facebook likes. On the weekend alerted him to critical comments about his post Mr Yang said some friends. Mr Khong in addition has written a Facebook note on the topic and e-mailed Law Minister K. Shanmugam requesting a dialogue on the problem.

Interact Immersive Musicals, Hybrid Meals And Choirs With Hawker Uncles, As Churches Get Creative This Christmas

We are able to become hyper-sensitive to every gesture and word when we view people by way of a heap of pre-conceived ideas. In my quest for righteousness, I unconsciously judged people whom I felt didn’t measure up. Truth is, I was once in sin, just like them, but someone reached out to me. I know what it’s prefer to live without God and a feeling of purpose.

Christians and Covid-19: Rise of the hybrid physical and digital church – The Straits Times

Christians and Covid-19: Rise of the hybrid physical and digital church.

Posted: Sat, 18 Jul 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

But his guess is, following the “fizz” settles, most would hop back again to their residence church. To replenish national blood stocks sapped by the pandemic, the church teamed up with Khalid Mosque and two clan associations for a blood donation drive last month. Read more about cornerstone community church singapore live stream here. This Wednesday is Passover and we believe it’s going to be a very significant one this season. Despite what’s happening in the world right now, the blood of Jesus still speaks hope, life and victory!

  • Its president, Mr Mark Kwan, said the society recognises the right to object to homosexuality based on personal religious beliefs.
  • Pastor Peh Han really wants to see people encounter the energy of the Holy Spirit, become overcomers and fulfill their God-given destinies.
  • Yet, we make a large number of decisions each day, as though we’re certain of tomorrow.
  • But Pastor Yang clarified that the statement was “never meant to be an indictment against Muslims or the Muslim community in Spain as a whole”.

“Church attendance metrics for on-line church are fairly difficult to measure in comparison with physical services. You don’t know what number of are watching from behind the screen, or how engaged they are,” he says. While not all church buildings are new hybrids like Cornerstone, most have on-line providers. The majority of their leaders are considering the rise of the e-church, with its perils and prospects. As more worshippers are allowed to assemble for physical services, churches are banding to talk about easy methods to resume providers safely collectively. Cornerstone Katong has been positioned in Odeon Katong since 1997.

According to Muis, the meeting was organised at Pastor Yang’s request where he expressed his “deep regret” over an incident which happened at the Kingdom Invasion conference that has been organised by his church on March 13-16. Wednesday evening were Muslim religious and community leaders from various organisations such as for example Perdaus Also in attendance on, Mendaki, Pertapis, PPIS, Federation of Indian Roses and Muslims of Peace. With new cases of COVID-19 being discovered daily, churches and Christian conference organisers experienced to respond accordingly to an evolving situation.

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