10 Benefits of Live Streaming with a Professional Service

10 Benefits of Live Streaming with a Professional Service


Will Dylan provides professional live streaming services in Singapore. 

1. High-Quality Streams


When you stream with a free platform or your own servers, it’s difficult to achieve high-quality streaming. You need to have a live streaming service with a robust infrastructure and a good content delivery network (CDN) to achieve high-quality video.

A CDN works as a global delivery system that distributes your content using the CDN’s own server. If you stream on your own, there is a high possibility that you will clog your servers.

When you broadcast live to other viewers, you want to ensure that your stream works perfectly and functions consistently without any technical glitches. This is why it’s wise to select a service with a reliable video streaming CDN.


2. Greater Audience Potential

Physical events are usually limited to the space available at a given venue. With live streaming, however, you can invite as many people as you like to “attend” your event. Sometimes people are interested in attending a particular event, but they can’t attend in person due to work commitments or increasing expenses.

Live streaming your event can make your content accessible to these people whom you wouldn’t reach otherwise. You can reach anyone in the world remotely through live streaming, as you are no longer limited by geographical or size constraints.

Your only limitation with live streaming is linked to the server capacity of the streaming service you choose.


3. Wide Variety of Content Use


Live broadcasting isn’t solely restricted to live video and audio streaming services. You have the flexibility to use a variety of forms of video content and multimedia, including pictures, text, and live chat.

Many platforms provide a lot of flexibility to access different presentation methodologies.

Furthermore, you can repurpose your live streams into on-demand content. This allows you to maximize viewership.

4. Ease and Convenience

A common myth about live streaming is that it’s too difficult and technical for the average person to pull off. On the contrary, live streaming can be very simple. All you need are relevant video and audio equipment, an internet connection, an encoder, and a trusty streaming platform.

Many professional streaming services provide in-depth documentation and tutorials to help broadcasters use their platforms.

5. Customer Support


It can be tricky to troubleshoot technical problems, especially if you have minimal live streaming experience. Luckily, using a live streaming service typically means you have access to a knowledgeable 24/7 customer support team when troubles arise.

Alternatively, if you stream on your own, your only support will be Google or the information you already know about live streaming. A reliable live streaming service will provide you with ongoing customer support and will guide you through any difficulties you encounter.


6. Analytics Tracking

It’s important to be able to track the success of your live-streamed event in terms of viewership and viewers’ behavior. Most professional streaming services are equipped with tracking tools and analytic dashboards to help you evaluate the outcome of your live event.

With many video live streaming services, you can see relevant metrics like viewer numbers, engagement, and behaviors. This data will help you to identify more clearly who your audience really is.

At that point, you can assess which aspects of your broadcast you may need to change for future events. This, in turn, will help you refine your overall content and strategy.


7. Mobile Streaming


Most of your potential viewers likely use smartphones and other smart devices. Since consumers today view almost half of all video content online through a mobile device, the odds are that the majority of your viewers will tune in via mobile streaming.

It’s important to keep up with these trends and to ensure that consumers can easily access your live stream via smartphone.

Most platforms will allow you to stream your content to mobile devices and tablets through the dynamic HTML5 player, as opposed to the older Flash technology.

The HTML5 video player is universal in the sense that it allows viewers to access your live stream anytime, anywhere. Using a professional streaming service gives you easy access to this type of video player.


8. Distraction-Free Streaming

One of the most prominent downfalls of free streaming services like YouTube is that the video player is loaded with distractions that can take away from the viewers’ experience. Unrelated advertisements and third-party logos tend to clutter the screen and take the focus away from your live event.

Most professional services offer ad-free streaming so you never have to burden your viewers with ads that simply aren’t related to your content.

At this point, you may be wondering: how can I make money from live events? Luckily, many professional streaming services are equipped with a variety of tools for video monetization.

One method is to charge viewers to watch your live stream just like they’d pay for a movie or concert ticket. Viewers can pay via a pay-per-view model or a monthly subscription.

A video paywall is necessary for SVOD and TVOD monetization. It restricts free access to digital content by requiring a viewer to purchase the video or pay for a subscription to gain access to the content.

It’s up to you to choose the payment plan that works for you and your video live streaming goals.

Many live streaming platforms also give you the option to monetize with sponsored ads. The benefit over free platforms here is that you’re in control of which ads are displayed.

9. Customizable

Not only can you customize the branding, but you can select functional elements of the video player. It is up to you to decide what buttons and controls your player has, in addition to whether or not the player is responsive. You can set the size to fit wherever it is embedded and more.

The ability to customize your video player allows you to integrate it seamlessly in the app or web page where it will live. These small things add a very professional touch.

10. Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are now more important than ever as piracy are at an all-time high.

Free streaming platforms, like DailyMotion and YouTube, have no real privacy or security tools, so it is almost impossible to limit access to your content. Paid tools, however, are generally equipped with both privacy and security features. This keeps your content and video CMS safe from hackers and it allows you to control who has access to your video players.

Some features for privacy and security include:

  • Password protection
  • Tokenized security
  • IP/Geographic restrictions
  • Domain/Referrer restrictions

These tools make it possible to protect your video content from people with poor intentions.





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