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Your virtual or physical audience wants to engage with your event or webinar in Singapore, and you want them to have an amazing experience. We help you craft real-time digital experiences that excite, enrich, and activate your audience – no matter where they are, what device they use, or how fast their Internet connection is through our reliable video conferencing. 

Professional Webinars services

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We know what makes a webinar work. We are able to provide professional service for your next Zoom Webinar, Teams Meeting and any kind of platform of your preference. Our team of expert producers will work with you every step of the video conferencing to ensure flawless production. This includes overseeing site surveys, recommending the platform that’s right for you, and even creating branded graphics packages. Broadcast-Quality Productions Our productions incorporate multiple camera angles, Chroma Key Green Screen Virtual Studio, Professional Audio system, live engagement tools, social media activity, and real-time presentation integration – adding up to a seamless digital experience for the audiences in your webinar.

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Interactive Custom Webcast Platform

Will Dylan’s proprietary platform for webinar in Singapore provide a stable and responsive video conferencing for securing your real-time and on-demand presentations and capturing granular data about your users. Best of all, our video conferencing embeds directly into your site – so your audience stays focused on you and your content.

Features like Q&A, Polling, Quiz, Trivia customization along with the streaming player are present for optimized webinar experience. 

Additionally, We can also make your next Zoom webinar interactive by integrating Augmented Reality AR 3D graphics or Virtual Production at a cost effective rate.

Onsite and Remote Event Support

With our onsite technicians, you never have to worry about the quality of your stream. We oversee the entire production process, including venue and vendor coordination. In addition, our team of remote support specialists can provide immediate, professional, and friendly assistance to your audience so they can enjoy the event without technical difficulties.

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Making Virtual Meetings Easier With Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the most beneficial communication channels out of all the ways we may connect, from instant messaging to webinars to face-to-face encounters.

With the exception of some interactions when a specific channel is more appropriate, conducting webinars can assist your team in improving overall communication and provide a number of benefits to your company, team, and consumers.

You can communicate with your team no matter where they are by using reliable virtual conferencing software. Additionally, all you have to do is press a button to record the majority of conferencing functions that are built-in and integrated. You’ll be able to focus more on engaging rather than taking notes as a result of this.

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Why Conduct Webinars?

In most cases, webinars are interactive, with participants gaining knowledge, asking questions, and interacting in real-time. These video conferencing strategies are frequently used by businesses to engage with potential customers, share their expertise, establish brand authority, or announce a new product or service.This video conferencing can also be aimed at existing customers, as a way to upsell, teach or onboard new consumers. B2B, small business owners and influencers who wish to share their knowledge frequently use webinars.

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Onsite Webinar

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How Does it Work?

In a webinar, one host or a panel of participants will normally present live for 30-60 minutes, just like an in-person workshop or seminar. As audiences are encouraged to. participate, most communications throughout the video conferencing are two-way. Either the host will allow the audience to speak up during O&A or they are allowed to drop questions and comments on the chat box. The majority of webinars are attended by less than 50 people to maintain focus and for connectivity reasons.

Onsite and Remote Event Support

With our onsite technicians, you never have to worry about the quality of your video conferencing. We oversee the entire production process for the webinar, including venue and vendor coordination. In addition, our team of remote support specialists can provide immediate, professional, and friendly assistance to your audience so they can enjoy the webinar without technical difficulties.

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Learn More About Our Webinar & Video Conferencing Services

Will Dylan TV offers the best video conferencing service in the industry today. We have the best equipment, an experienced technical team and a secure platform to deliver the most reliable video conferencing you could ever experience.

There are many online platforms that offer video conferencing in Singapore nowadays. However, if you wish to have a secure, smooth and reliable video conference or webinar, it is better to opt for professional video conferencing services such as what we offer here at Will Dylan. Alternatively we are are also able to assist you in creating a professional Zoom Webinar.

We understand that many people would like to conduct their webinars or video conferences in the most affordable way. However, relying on faulty and unsecure video conferencing platforms just to save money is not a good idea. Thus, we offer affordable video conferencing services. Talk to us today.

The rates of video conferencing services may vary depending on the length of time the webinar or video conference will take place, the number of participants, whether it is a one-way or two-way setup and more. You may reach out to us today for more detailed quotations.

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