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What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production is a technique used in filmmaking and video production that combines live-action footage with computer-generated imagery (CGI) in real-time. It involves using advanced technologies such as real-time game engines, virtual reality (VR), motion capture, and more, to create a virtual environment that allows filmmakers to capture and manipulate footage in real-time.

With virtual production, filmmakers can create virtual backgrounds, environments, and even characters, allowing them to create complex and realistic scenes that would be impossible to achieve with traditional filmmaking techniques. This technique allows for greater flexibility, creativity, and cost-effectiveness in film production, as it eliminates the need for extensive location scouting, costly set construction, and lengthy post-production work.

Virtual production has been used in a number of recent films, including “The Mandalorian,” “Avatar,” and “The Lion King.”

Singapore Virtual Production Studio

Our Virtual Production Studio in Singapore feature a 8×12 meter green screen cyclorama with state-of-the-art recording and mixing equipment as well photo-realistic 3D graphics generated by Unreal Engine we can composite the live video feed from our green screen directly into the 3D world.

Provides independent producers with the time, tools, and community to make their shows in our Virtual Production Studio.

If you’re looking for a professional quality virtual production studio in which to create your Hollywood equivalent content, look no further. Whether you simply need studio space or full-service editing and production towards your final product, our friendly engineering staff is available to keep you in production.


We have several professional-quality studios complete with the full package of audio recording and video broadcast equipment. Whether your project is a video recording, webcast, 3D virtual production, we’ve got you covered.

We can help you plan, record, edit, launch, and market your production at the highest level. Let us know what you need. We’re here to help!

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We Make Unreal Real

We have developed a virtual production solution that are revolutionizing how productions are shot.

With the help of our virtual production and visualization system you can get the most out of your green screen shoots.

Virtual production blends video game technology with filmmaking techniques into the pre-production and production process. This is made possible by a game engine called Unreal Engine.

This engine is very powerful and can manage to render high-quality 3D graphics in real-time. This is of course something that’s perfect for on-set visualizing and real-time composting.

We combine this with a on-camera tracking solution like the one we’ve built in the studio to provide a real 3D experience. Our entire green screen ceiling area is retrofitted with IR Sensor for precise XYZ tracking. Many studios provide only Trackless solution and the main limitations are the subject have to be stationary most of the time.

Virtual Production live streaming

Next-Gen Virtual Production

Virtual production is a groundbreaking set of technologies revolutionising content creation, advertising and film production.

For the first time, technology is allowing filmmakers and creatives to shoot the impossible, bridging the gap between imagination and technical reality. Costly set builds, location shooting and visual FX can be re-thought and re-imagined.

This means that we can produce  virtual events, tv-productions or film incorporated with high end photorealistic 3D graphics directly from our 6×12 meter green screen cyclorama.

Virtual production involves bringing together a spectrum of computer-aided technologies and virtualization methods. The Unreal game engine is powerful enough to seamlessly combine virtual and augmented realities with CGI and footage captured on sets.

3D Unreal Engine Custom Design

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