Virtual AGM or Hybrid Annual General Meeting

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What are the benefits of moving your AGM online?

Hybrid AGM in Singapore as compared to virtual meetings. The distinction between a virtual AGM, EGM and a hybrid one is that a virtual-only meeting envisages that all eligible members attend via electronic means (be it via teleconference or videoconference), where specifically provided for in a company’s Articles. A hybrid AGM will have a certain number of members present physically, and the opportunity for other eligible members to attend via electronic means (i.e. the same tele/videoconferencing, for example).

The doors to hybrid/virtual AGMs appear to be opening in many countries because the benefits – particularly but not only during times like these – are clear:

– Virtual AGM offers shareholders the opportunity to participate online means they can participate from anywhere regardless of their location, making the meeting far more accessible to the vast majority of shareholders who are unable to attend physically.

– There is less travel by shareholders and board so this consequently reduces the company’s carbon footprint and saves time and money for all.

– Current technology permits sophisticated Q&A and messaging which ensures shareholders can effectively hold the board to account for the entirety of the AGM webcast in Singapore.

– Substituting paper for digital voting means the process is more transparent, with instant results shown to participants and a full audit trail.

Even if your jurisdiction allows it, during normal times a fully virtual AGM or virtual EGM might not be appropriate for all companies. This will to some extent depend on the makeup of the shareholder base. If companies have high attendance at their AGM but wish to further increase access then the hybrid option could be the right choice.

Will Dylan offer Hybrid and/or Virtual AGM Annual General Meeting, EGM Extraordinary General Meeting webcast for listed company in Singapore.

As your technology webcast partner, we work hand-in-hand to produce your VIS, AGM and EGM securely Live Streaming from Singapore, and it is all in accordance to SGX guideline.

Deliver a unique brand experience by creating an immersive virtual environment for your employees, shareholders, and customers.

Remote Presenters – Directors to “dial-in” with a URL using Chome/firefox/Safari Camera enabled device

Quality – Full HD video quality and high audio quality

Ease of setup – Requires a laptop with good internet connectivity or a smartphone. A speaker earphone

Remote solutions – Secure P2P connection as compared to other commercial platform that serve millions of people

Animated lower thirds, PPT Presentations Picture in Picture

Leave an impactful impression on your attendees with our platform’s excellent engaging and interactive features.

Virtual AGM SERVICE IN Singapore

By conducting a virtual AGM in Singapore, it eliminates barriers for people who are not as comfortable with speaking up in a large group of people. It allows anyone to speak up and raise points.

Virtual AGMs will also increase engagement for the younger demographic of members. By evolving your meetings to virtual or hybrid AGM and adopting current technologies, you can ensure that your future meetings will see higher engagement and attendance. 

Interactive Q&A puts you in control and creates positive shareholder experiences You will have a dashboard that allows smooth control and management of interactive Q&A. Questions are tracked to the individual user and can only be seen by the meeting organizers, so you remain in control.

Shareholders can easily type questions in the platform, creating positive experiences. Questions can be submitted before or during your meeting.

SGX AGM 2021

Tips On Running A Virtual AGM

Here are some tips that can help ensure your virtual AGM runs smoothly and, most importantly, engage investors. We have collated some of these for you, below:

  1. Pick an online platform that works for your organisation

    –  Check compatibility with your Technology / IT team

    –  Address any security concerns by protecting your AGM with a password

    –  Pre-register and pre-screen all meeting attendees

  2. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse – prepare your AGM team to operate virtually

    –  Have a dedicated events team with the technical expertise to manage your virtual AGM

    –  Make time for meeting stakeholders and presenters to familiarise themselves with the meeting platform

    –  Test the quality of each presenter’s Internet connection to ensure optimum audio and video quality

    –  Ensure each speaker’s background is AGM appropriate and perhaps even provide branded backdrops for them

    –  Be succinct and stick to the timings outlined in the agenda

  3. Have a contingency plan. Unforeseen events can and do happen. If a speaker loses connection, what will you do? Anticipate the risks and prepare a Plan B.

    –  The show must go on, so make sure the Chair of the meeting is aware of any potential technical pitfalls and how to handle them

    –  Continue the Virtual AGM without the speaker until they’re able to reconnect. The Chair should be able to cover or, at least, stall

    –  Ensure all speakers have access to a telephone with the meeting dial-in details at their fingertips

    –  Make sure you have a member of your events team to assist in resolving these connection issues, whilst the other team members run proceedings

  4. Decide upon which method of voting system(s) to use

    –  Run your meeting in accordance with the constitution or articles, particularly in terms of issuing the notice of the meeting and the circulation of papers


    –  Consider VIS (Virtual Information Session) before the AGM/EGM and collecting all votes ahead of meeting using a proxy voting system or all-in-one online platforms, such as Lumi Global (, Or live polling during the AGM/EGM.

    –  Whichever method is used, recent experience tells us that transparency and consensus around what will be constituted a legitimate vote is important

  5. Engage your attendees with visually appealing content. Graphs and charts are unavoidable, and often necessary for AGM meeting compliance, but that doesn’t mean that your entire deck has to bore their virtual socks off:

    –  Keep your slides to a minimum and use bullet points sparingly

    –  Get attendees to focus on what is being said by keeping your video turned on

    –  Compliment your presentation with video and music and use all the technical tools at your disposal to make the event as interesting as possible for your audience

    –  Use built in platform features such as live polling to keep your audience engaged

  6. Record the meeting and track engagement. This helps:

    –  The secretary (or assigned person) to review and ensure the meeting minutes are accurate

    –  To provide an opportunity for those who were unable to attend to watch the meeting on-demand

    –  To track and record exactly who watches the presentation, in a secure manner

  7. Have all your post-AGM communications and materials ready to go in advance

    –  Have everything prepared and signed off by the AGM committee in advance

    –  You should be able to press the send button on the follow-up email, right after the meeting ends

    –  Ask for feedback from your AGM/ EGM attendees, especially if this is your first Singapore virtual AGM

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