Virtual AGM or Hybrid Annual General Meeting

Webcast in Singapore

What are the benefits of moving your AGM online?

The doors to virtual / hybrid AGMs appear to be opening in many countries because the benefits – particularly but not only during times like these – are clear:

– Offering shareholders the opportunity to participate online means they can participate from anywhere regardless of their location, making the meeting far more accessible to the vast majority of shareholders who are unable to attend physically.

– There is less travel by shareholders and board so this consequently reduces the company’s carbon footprint and saves time and money for all.

– Current technology permits sophisticated Q&A and messaging which ensures shareholders can effectively hold the board to account.

– Substituting paper for digital voting means the process is more transparent, with instant results shown to participants and a full audit trail.

Even if your jurisdiction allows it, during normal times a fully virtual AGM might not be appropriate for all companies. This will to some extent depend on the makeup of the shareholder base. If companies have high attendance at their AGM but wish to further increase access then the hybrid option could be the right choice.

Will Dylan offer Hybrid and/or Virtual Annual General Meeting webcast for listed company in Singapore.

As your technology webcast partner, we work hand-in-hand to produce your AGM, securely Live Streaming from Singapore, and it is all in accordance to SGX guideline.

Remote Presenters – Directors to “dial-in” with a URL using Chome/firefox/Safari Camera enabled device

Quality – Full HD video quality and high audio quality

Ease of setup – Requires a laptop with good internet connectivity or a smartphone. A speaker earphone

Remote solutions – Secure P2P connection as compared to other commercial platform that serve millions of people

Animated lower thirds, PPT Presentations Picture in Picture

By conducting an online AGM, it eliminates barriers for people who are not as comfortable with speaking up in a large group of people. It allows anyone to speak up and raise points.

Online AGMs will also increase engagement for the younger demographic of members. By evolving your meetings and adopting current technologies, you can ensure that your future meetings will see higher engagement and attendance.

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