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There are lots of perks in opting for corporate video production for businesses in Singapore than one can imagine. Apart from TV or social media ads, there are more ways on how a company can utilise video production for furthering their business. This is the very reason why we elevate our corporate video production service to meet the growing demand.

We’re a video production company working in Singapore. In the past 6 years we have created hundreds of Commercials, Feature Films, Corporate Videos, Music Videos. We create content for brands, from Pre to Post Production. Need help in creating compelling videos? Talk to us today!

Video Production Service in Singapore

Corporate video production is one of the most compelling ways to tell your brand story. From attracting new customers to converting viewers into customers the power of video production is unmatched.

Why? Because people love videos. Your customers would much rather watch a video than read a wall of text.

We have over 11 years of corporate video production experience in Singapore producing high quality, targeted videos including TV commercials, product videos, training videos, motion graphics animations and more. Experience our corporate video production service in Singapore today!

Our experienced staff will walk you through the entire process from scripting to brand cohesion to optimizing for delivery. So, what are you waiting for? contact us today.

What is Video Production

Video production is the process of creating video content for various purposes such as entertainment, education, marketing, advertising, and more. The video production process typically involves several stages, including pre-production, production, and post-production.

During the pre-production stage, the video production team develops the concept for the video, creates a script or storyboard, plans the production logistics, and makes necessary arrangements such as casting actors, scouting locations, and acquiring necessary equipment.

The production stage involves actually capturing the video content, which may involve recording live-action footage, animation, motion graphics, or a combination of these elements. During this stage, the video production team operates cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and other necessary tools to capture high-quality video and audio.

Post-production involves editing the raw footage to create a finished video. This may include adding special effects, color grading, sound design, and creating a final cut that tells a cohesive story. During this stage, the video production team also adds necessary titles, subtitles, and other post-production elements to the video.

Overall, video production is a collaborative process that requires a team of professionals to work together to create high-quality video content. Video production can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including film, television, social media, and corporate communications.

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