6 Reasons Every Company Needs To Film A Corporate Video

6 Reasons Every Company Needs To Film A Corporate Video

Corporate videos are an integral part of any business. Alas, the entire process from planning to gathering resources takes time and effort so companies with limited budgets and manpower may find it challenging.

But the good news is that the benefits of producing a corporate video for your company outweigh the cons and might just be what your business needs! A corporate video is versatile and can be used for internal or external marketing purposes – promote your company, highlight a new initiative or present financial results to stakeholders.

By collaborating with the right video production company in Singapore, a corporate video can be done up in no time and professionally to meet your business goals.

Not convinced? Here are six reasons a corporate video is important.

1. Increases brand awareness

You get only one chance to make an impression on a potential client so make it count by letting them watch a video that tells them what your business is all about. A corporate video is more effective than text as it engages viewers, helps to drive more traffic to your website and is more memorable. In fact, videos get a whopping 1,200% more shares than text and images combined!

2. Improves brand reputation

Reputation is crucial as a positive brand image helps your company stand out from the competition, attract new customers and retain existing ones. A corporate video that uses tried and tested strategies such as storytelling and appealing to viewers’ emotions can assist in showcasing your brand’s authenticity, improving brand reputation in return. You can also consider other forms of positive video content such as Q&As, product demonstrations and seasonal greetings to establish a good reputation.

3. Enhances conversion rate

Corporate videos are a form of marketing that has been proven to yield better results – well-placed video content accompanied by good marketing strategies can raise conversion rates by up to 80%. Hence, if you are still on the fence about filming and uploading a corporate video, it is perhaps time to jump on the bandwagon to influence your viewers into taking action.

Enhances conversion rate corporate video production Singapore

4. Builds trust

Trust is a rare but achievable commodity in business; with it, your brand will be able to build a loyal customer base and grow a following. If you are unsure how you can earn trust, corporate videos may just be your answer. A video with high production quality translates into competence and reflects the products and services your company can offer. Meanwhile, different video formats serve different purposes too. For instance, company story videos and testimonials humanise your brand while explainer videos make complex concepts more digestible.

5. Boosts sales

A corporate video does not always have to be formal; animated or demonstrative videos can be equally useful in boosting sales. For example, product videos are the simplest way to get potential customers interested in a new product and video tutorials can offer your viewers something of value in return for their time. These influence viewers’ purchase decisions in a positive way, helping your company to reap the benefits of corporate videos.

6. Generates attention

More and more people are watching videos now than ever before and they tend to perform better among mobile users. So if your company wants to raise awareness for a new product or initiative, then creating a corporate video is one of the ways. Additionally, the shareability of a corporate video generates attention among your target audience and those outside your target group alike, putting your business at the forefront of as many eyeballs as possible.

Let Will Dylan help you meet your corporate video needs

Let Will Dylan help you meet your corporate video corporate video production needs in Singapore

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Our team of professional staff will walk you through every step of the process, from conceptualising to filming.

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