Webinars vs Seminars: Why Are Webinars Taking Over

Webinars vs Seminars: Why Are Webinars Taking Over

Seminars and webinars sound similar but they are two different types of events companies can host to meet their business goals.

The former is an in-person event where people who wish to learn or find out more about a particular topic gather. Seminars can range from intensive training courses to group discussions or learning from an individual or experts.

The latter is also an event for people to gather for discussion or learning but just like its name suggests, is hosted online instead. Successful webinars can be done through live presentations, lectures or workshops that happen in real-time along with features like chatting and file sharing.

Both are mostly used by businesses as a marketing tool to engage audiences so as to generate leads, which can be nurtured through the seminar or webinar’s content.

However, in recent years, webinars in Singapore have become increasingly popular and here are some reasons why they may be taking over. Read on to find out more.

1. Easily accessible

While Singapore has eased its safe management measures and life is slowly going back to normal amidst the pandemic, it cannot be denied that safety is still a concern for many. This is when webinars come into play, as they are easily accessible online without the need for attendees to head down to a physical location where it can be crowded and viruses can be transmitted from one person to another easily.

Similarly, attendees who are not local can still get an opportunity to access the webinar from wherever they are, increasing the chances of generating more leads for your business in return.

Easily accessible webinar in Singapore

2. Saves time

Removing the need to travel down to the event venue will help to save loads of time which can be important when it comes to inviting experts who are too busy to make a trip down. By giving them the option to take part online through a webinar, these experts will be more likely to agree and jump online to present their thoughts.

Apart from saving the time your business would otherwise have to spend on sourcing and setting up a venue, it may also help to save costs since there is a chance your guest may charge you less.

3. As effective as in-person events

Audience interaction is a valid concern when hosting a webinar but you will be glad to know that it can be as effective as face-to-face events like a seminar. The combination of HD video quality and high-tech audio equipment makes virtual discussions equally engaging and real, just like having a conversation in real life!

When coupled with features available such as managed Q&A sessions, live polling and chatting, webinars can be as interactive as an in-person event. Take note to consult an experienced video conferencing service in Singapore for tailored webinar solutions that will help to meet your business needs.

4. Greater engagement

Engaging your audience can be done both before and after the webinar, creating a strong network that can easily reach hundreds of people all around the world. Unlike seminars where the reach is limited to the people attending, webinars allow the topic to be discussed anywhere since everything will be done online.

Consider setting up discussion groups on social media platforms and inviting attendees to join them so that they can network and share pre and post-event thoughts, regardless of where they are based physically. Keeping them engaged before and after the event also ensures that brand loyalty is enhanced.

Greater engagement webinar in Singapore

5. Capture rich insights

Lastly, hosting a webinar is a great way to capture rich data about your audience when they key in information like their age and occupation when signing up. Apart from that, your business can also track engagement levels throughout the entire webinar to see which topics interest the audience the most.

All of these insights can be used to improve future webinar content to entice more people to tune in.

Hosting a webinar in Singapore

Webinars may be taking over seminars but not having the right resources to make it a successful event can be detrimental to your business too.

Thus, consider consulting a video conferencing service in Singapore, like Will Dylan, that has a team of experienced and professional technicians who will ensure everything runs smoothly.

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