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The Hallmarks Of An Effective Corporate Video

Before delving deeper into the hallmarks of an effective corporate video, it is important for businesses to understand what it is and how it can have a considerable impact. 

Corporate videos come in many forms, ranging from testimonials to promotional and company profiles. The aim of a corporate video is to attract and entertain audiences through storytelling in hopes that they are convinced to become one of your customers. In fact, most marketers feel that videos are effective for generating leads.

Thus, producing a compelling corporate video while still maintaining professionalism is essential. However, if your business is not equipped with a team, hiring a video production company in Singapore will help. 

Here are some tips for a successful corporate video – read on to find out more. 

1. Appeal to emotions

Attention is limited; there is only so much one can give in a day when they are constantly bombarded with brand messages left and right. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd and competition, it is important to appeal to your target audience’s emotions. 

Positive content tends to attract more shares. Since emotions play such a huge role in driving purchasing decisions, it would be a good idea to angle your corporate video in a relatable way such that it influences viewers into making a purchase. 

2. Establish the purpose

It is also important to establish the purpose of your video before commencing production. For instance, appealing to emotions would be more suitable for a promotional or testimonial corporate video whereas introducing what your business does would be great for a company profile video. 

Knowing the end goal of your corporate video allows you to stay on track, making the entire video production process a breeze. 

corporate video production in singapore

3. Understand the different types of corporate videos

As mentioned above, there are different types of corporate videos and knowing how they can benefit your business will help you to make more informed decisions. 

A company profile video typically sits on your website’s about us page to help stakeholders understand more about your business; a social media video is often short and sweet with eye-catching visuals to encourage viewers to share the video; a testimonial video helps to increase credibility through sharing honest, unscripted opinions; a promotional video is usually used to promote a new product, service or event; a corporate social responsibility video aims to leave a positive impression on viewers. 

4. Keep the script concise

It can be tempting to want to squeeze as much information as possible into your corporate video but that might just end up doing more harm than good. 

Simplicity is key to preventing going off tangent and avoiding overloading your target audience with information that they might just forget the next moment. Highlight big numbers and summarise key points so that they fit into a short two to three-minute video. 

Other tips and tricks include using simple words to avoid confusion and doing away with unnecessary repetitions in your script. 

5. Combine audio and visual elements

Videos are essentially made up of two aspects – audio and visuals. Hence, bringing both elements together seamlessly will make presenting complex ideas or products easier and more interesting. 

Choosing the right colours, visuals and voiceover can make a huge difference in your corporate video but there is always the concern of where and how to find them. Luckily, with a video production company, all of these will be taken care of for you; from pre to post-production. 

a person recording a corporate video production in singapore

6. Attention-grabbing introduction and conclusion

Some studies have shown that 10 seconds is all the time marketers have to capture an audience’s attention. Thus, having a strong introduction that will make viewers stay and continue watching your corporate video is important. 

Similarly, the conclusion should be equally attention-grabbing to ensure viewers take action, such as purchasing your product or following your business’ social media accounts. Including a clear call to action is one of the best ways to guide your viewers into doing what you need them to do.

7. Upload your video on the right platforms

Last but not least, choosing the right platforms to upload your corporate video can greatly influence the engagement levels and end result. 

For instance, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are good places to start, especially if your target audience spends most of their time on these platforms. 

Make sure to include the video on your company’s website too as it could help your website to rank higher on search engines. 

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