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What Is A Hybrid AGM & What Are The Benefits?

An annual general meeting (AGM), as its name suggests, is a mandatory meeting companies in Singapore have to hold to update various stakeholders on the business’ progress. 

Before the pandemic hit, AGMs were traditionally conducted in person but with so many restrictions in place to safeguard everyone’s health, virtual AGMs have become the preferred method for many companies in Singapore. 

But as our little red dot regains normalcy slowly by easing restrictions, perhaps a hybrid AGM, in which the meeting is held with both in-room and remote attendees, will serve even more benefits for your company. 

Here are the benefits of holding a hybrid AGM that will convince you to make the switch – read on to find out more.

  1. You get the best of both worlds

    Some companies may prefer to hold an in-person AGM to encourage conversations and engagement but this can be challenging for bigger corporations to gather all employees and shareholders in one venue on the same day, at the same time.

    With a hybrid AGM, you get the best of both worlds by filling the lack of interaction with an in-person meeting all while also offering accessibility by providing an online option. This is also great for companies with offices and employees located all over the world as it gives them the opportunity to attend remotely despite not being able to be there physically.

  2. Greater transparency

    A hybrid AGM also involves utilising a trustable AGM webcast with industry-leading apps to ensure that it is a fully secure and trackable event. This also means greater transparency for your business during the meeting as audience response, votes and attendance can all be easily tracked thanks to real-time recording.

    A transparent AGM meeting is essential so that stakeholders feel confident in the company’s decision-making process while also holding the management accountable.

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  3. Better engagement

    While an in-person AGM allows easier face-to-face communication, it does not mean a hybrid AGM will not be able to achieve the same engagement.

    In fact, an AGM webcast platform offers features such as Q&A sessions, live polls, feedback sessions, live chat, and even discussion rooms that will all come in handy to make the meeting a successful one. These may even help to achieve better engagement compared to an in-person meeting, as more people will be willing to use these features to make their opinions and feedback known.

  4. Reduced carbon footprint

    Sustainability has been at the forefront of discussions for years and companies, especially bigger corporations, are held to a higher standard when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

    Hence, holding a hybrid AGM is one of the simplest ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint since there is no longer the requirement for compulsory in-person attendance.

  5. Increased flexibility

    Although Singapore has eased its restrictions and life is slowly returning to normal, the truth is uncertainty still prevails in the air. In today’s pandemic era, rules and regulations can change overnight which also means the number of people allowed to attend the AGM in person can suddenly decrease.

    Making the decision to hold a hybrid AGM also acts as a backup plan in the event of a sudden change – in-person attendees can be easily redirected to the online platform and the meeting can still go as planned.

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